Review of The Vicar’s Wife.

I rather enjoyed reading this book as it is set in my neck of the woods.  I felt I could identify with Jane really well; Cumbria can feel very isolated and lacking in things to do for entertainment, especially if you re used to a big city – especially somewhere like New York!

The book centres around Jane and her family as they move from New York to a remote village in Cumbria.  Their eldest, Natalie, has fallen in with the wrong crowd in New York and found herself in trouble.  Jane and her husband, Andrew, decide to relocate to the other side of the world as a way of dealing with Natalie’s troubles.  Naturally the eldest two children – both teenagers – hate their new place, but their youngest daughter, Merrie, loves it and has no trouble in making new friends.

With Andrew out at work all day and the kids at school Jane feels the isolation the most.  She decides to stop feeling sorry for herself and sets about getting their house in some kind of order.  This is when she finds an old shopping list from the 1930’s.  The shopping list intrigues her and she seeks out the local vicar – the house they are living in now was once the vicarage – to see if he can shed any light on who the list belonged to.

The story runs back and forth between Jane in the present day and Alice, who was married to the local vicar back in the 1930’s.  The tale is intriguing and held my interest very well, especially Alice’s story.  I felt annoyed with Jane on a couple of occasions, especially when she seemed to only care about her own happiness.  But it all came good and I loved the ending.

I would recommend this book and give it 5 stars *****

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