Review of The White Cross.

When I was offered this book for review I was warned about the swearing in it.  Swearing does not bother me but if anyone is going to read this book, be warned, there is a lot of swearing right from the start.

This book promises to be a whole new reading experience for readers, colourful and descriptive – it certainly is that.

The story centres around the times of the crusades that Richard The Lionheart led.  The point of view is varied throughout the book – you can be forgiven if you do get a little confused as there are so many different points of view.  At the heart of this book is the story of Garon and Elise, Garon is a knight and Elise is a lady who he marries.  A lot of the book does deal with Garon’s time overseas fighting the Saracens and some of it can make for depressing reading – depending on your own outlook.  I think that the author has gone to a great deal of trouble to be as descriptive as possible in the book – something he certainly achieved.

I was not entirely sure I would enjoy this book, it is not the usual kind of book I read, but it was not a bad read at all.  The plot was interesting, even in the parts I found depressing, and well written.  It may not be to everyone’s tastes, but if you like historical reads with a twist then this is definitely worth your time.

Recommended.  4 stars ****

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