Review of Code Red by Lisa Lister

code red

I first discovered Lisa Lister and her work when a friend on Facebook shared a link to her blog.  Ever since then I have been an avid reader of all things sassyology and so began my journey on the path to better understanding my Lady Code, a.k.a my period.

When the chance arose to review Lisa’s upcoming book, Code Red, I jumped at it and offered to do a review.  From the very start I was nodding my head in agreement, pausing to relay some of the sound advice to my husband and journaling for the good of my health.

A couple of people I have spoken to have asked whether the book is a joke about women and their foibles at their “bad time of the month” which kind of angered me because we women have periods and they are nothing to joke about.  I decided not to lose it with them and told them to read this amazing book for themselves, find out what it’s all about.  They have promised they will, so hopefully they will soon be on their own amazing journey to enlightenment when it comes to their own Lady Code.

You can probably guess that the book is all about periods.  I promise you that it is not some ghastly read all about heavy flow and embarrassing tales of leakage.  What you will find in this book is the much researched wisdom Lisa has to share with us all.  In this book you will learn how to maximise your potential throughout your cycle, when to work your butt off and when to slow down.  You will finally begin to understand why you feel like you do at each stage of your cycle and how best to deal with each stage.

This book is full of common sense solutions and wise words on how to become friends with your period – sounds wacky, I know, but trust me, once you read what Lisa has to say on this subject you will understand not only your period better but your entire cycle.  This in turn will benefit you on so many levels you’ll wish you’d had this knowledge right from your very first bleed.

Code Red will be released on April 13th and will be priced at £9.99 for a paperback copy and £4.99 for an e-book.

You can find Lisa at  

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