Review of My Singapore Lover

I found this book quite confusing to follow.  It felt like I was reading someone’s diary, that was how it seemed to be set out.  The plot jumped all over the place and I very often had to re-read parts to grasp where I was in the story.

The story is about Sara.  She is young and beautiful and works in the publishing industry in Singapore.  Sara has problems with commitment and self esteem and she lurches from one relationship and job to another.  In this book we follow her over the course of a year as she finds herself with the help of her married lover.

Sara’s world is a million miles away from my own and I could not relate to her problems.  I daresay people who are in a similar position to Sara will find empathy for her, but for me she was pretty shallow and lacked depth.  The storyline confused me as it jumped about too much.  There were one or two messages in the book that Sara’s lover imparted to her which I really liked.  Other than that I didn’t really enjoy this book.

2 stars.  **

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