Unspoken by Dee Henderson.

I wasn’t sure what to make of this story at first.  The author was obviously drip-feeding nuggets of information relevant to the storyline that keeps the reader’s interest piqued just enough without revealing too much.  This is a good thing, it made me want to come back to the story even when I was feeling frustrated about it.  By the middle of the book I still had no idea which way the plot was going to go, although it did become clearer a little later on.

The story is about Charlotte Graham and Bryce Bishop.  It is heavy going at times, although it has been listed as a romance novel, I would not have categorised it as such.  I think thriller/suspense is more like it.  Charlotte was kidnapped with her twin sister at the age of 16.  She was able to help free her twin early on but she remained captive for four years.  The fact that she was not far from her own home throughout her ordeal was a huge embarrassment to the local police and FBI.

Charlotte has never spoken about her ordeal, not to anyone.  She is a private person and has a team of bodyguards.  She has recently inherited her grandfather’s estate – which is astronomical – and she approaches Bryce to help her offload some of the collections her grandfather had amassed.  The story is not really big on the details of her kidnapping, but a secondary storyline that involved Charlotte is prevalent throughout the book.

Charlotte is wary of men so it is interesting to see how her relationship with Bryce grows and how she learns to trust again.

My only complaint about this book is the constant referencing to God.  But as Bryce is big on his faith the religious aspect is relevant to the storyline.

All in all a good read.  Gripping at times, poignant at others.  Highly recommended.

***** 5 stars.

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