Review of Heated (When Seals Come Home)

Mercedes (Mercy) Hernandez is the sheriff of Strong, California and she likes to live and play by the rules and she also likes everyone else to live their lives this way too.  After a string of Mr. Wrongs in her life she is adamant she is not going to get involved with the sexy smoke jumper Joey Carter.  The problem with Joey is that he does not like to live and play by the rules – correction – he plays by his own rules!

Mercy has pulled Joey over a number of times for speeding on his motorbike and her boss has already warned her that the department cannot afford any trouble, after a colleague got caught in a compromising position.  The trouble with Joey is that he speeds to try to forget his troubles and this is making Mercy notice him more.

This book is hot on action in all departments!  It is the kind of book you can rely on to make you feel better about life.  It is pure escapism and hot and sexy to boot.  There is plenty of reference to other characters that appear to be part of the series – this is number four in this particular series – which helps give the book a good back story.

I enjoyed reading this book and liked the characters a lot.

If you like your romance novels and you like sexy heroes then you won’t be disappointed by this book.

**** 4 stars. Really liked it.

Review of Hell’s Belle

Nina Martinez is half human/half vampire and is part of an underground government agency that deals with rogue monsters in the human world.  She returns to Providence to help her Aunt run the bar that they own.  She soon has to put her training to good use when she helps investigate a series of ritualistic murders.  This sees her become entangled with the sexy FBI agent assigned to the case.  Nina finds Max both sexy and disturbing and she tries her hardest to hide her true self from him.  But when she is attacked by a rogue vampire another side of her gets unleashed and pretty soon she has to let Max in on her secret life.

This book was fun, witty and full of sass.  What was not to love?

The story unfolded nicely, the writer engages the reader really well and the characters are fun.  This kind of book is not about being true to life, it’s a fantasy novel and therefore anything goes.  I loved the story, I loved the characters and I look forward to reading further installments of this series.

**** 4 stars. Really liked it.