Review Of One More Day

When I first started reading this book I had no idea what was happening.  It felt very disjointed and confusing. It started out like a load of jumbled up musings that made no sense to me at all.  I considered giving up with the book but figured I would give it one more chapter before making a final decision.  I am very glad that I did stick it out because once I got to chapter three the story finally began to make sense to me.  My interest was piqued and although the story is a little on the chaotic side it actually works.

The story is about Giacomo and Michaela and is set in Italy and America.  They commute on the same train each morning and one morning they catch each other’s eye.  This sets the pattern for the next few months until one morning Michaela suggests they meet up.  Giacomo has never been able to commit to any woman before but he loves women and is interested and intrigued by the beautiful Michaela.  When they meet up Giacomo is disappointed to learn that Michaela has not asked him to join her because she wants to arrange a date, but because she is about to move to America to live and work there.

Without really trying to make a real connection with Michaela, Giacomo finds that his life just is not the same without her on the commute each morning.  He decides to go and spend a couple of weeks in America, to find her  – after his best friend Sylvia finds out where Michaela is working.  A series of mishaps at the airport mean that his phone is rendered useless and so he has no way of contacting Michaela to warn her that he is about to arrive in New York.  Again, Sylvia comes to his rescue and Giacomo sets off to Michaela’s workplace.  Before he sees her he worries that she will think he is a stalker, but she is happy to see him.  She agrees to meet him after work and gives him her journals from when she was commuting back in Italy.  In the journals she has written about him and he is happy to learn that she is as intrigued about him as he is about her.  Over the next couple of weeks they have a relationship, knowing that it will have an expiry date – something they both agreed to.

The idea of the relationship with an expiry date seemed a little cold, but the author made sure there was plenty of romance for the two characters.  Michaela is a lovely character, Giacomo on the other hand comes across as quite shallow.  He has, however, met his match in Michaela and he can’t get over her once he returns to his normal life.  I did think that the story was going to end in a disappointing way, but I am happy to say it ended rather lovely.

Some reviews have scoffed at this story for being too far-fetched, but in my opinion it is fiction and the ideas the author explores are quite romantic.  The story is written from Giacomo’s point of view which may explain why I found him shallow – a man’s point of view.  It was well written and after I had gotten a handle on the confusing plot I did enjoy the book.

Recommended for anyone who loves a romantic adventure.

4 stars ****

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