Review of Jacob’s cracker crisps.

Are they crisps? Are they crackers? To me, they seem to be a bit of both. They have the shape of crisps and the texture of thin crackers and this particular flavour is just so tasty. The flavour is really full, the vinegar taste comes through the strongest, but it isn’t so strong that your taste-buds feel overwhelmed. I got all three bags and poured them into individual bowls and then had the family taste each flavour, then give their verdict on them. The Sea Salt and Balsamic Vinegar was the outright winner as the taste is just so yummy.

The other two flavours that I was sent for review were sour cream and chive, and Thai sweet chilli.  The sour cream and chive flavour was pretty tasty too, although I have to say, I preferred the sea salt and balsamic vinegar flavour.  The Thai sweet chilli flavour is very hot, but, if you love your snacks with  kick to them then this flavour is for you.

The only problem you’ll have is once you start eating them you won’t want to stop, they really are that delicious. The bag size- 150g – is designed for sharing, but they are so moreish that you won’t want to share them. Obviously the bags we had were sent free of charge, but I do know that certain supermarkets have them on sale at £1 right now. I think that is reasonable and good value for money.

Review of Karma, Deception And A Pair Of Red Ferraris.

Karma, Deception And A Pair Of Red Ferraris was an enjoyable read right from the beginning.  Elaine, the protagonist tells her story of her quest fro true love.  The book follows her on her quest to find her soul mate, and she’s already been married three times!

Elaine is successful, she doesn’t need a man in her life to take care of her.  She doesn’t need a man in her life to define her.  She wants a man in her life to enjoy spending time with.  But as she has found out the hard way it isn’t always as easy as meeting someone and hitting it off.

The main bulk of the book deals with Elaine’s relationship with Jake, an OBGYN.  Jake seems perfect for Elaine and she embarks on the relationship with high hopes that he is the much desired “one”.  Her psychic tells her that she is about to embark on a wonderful relationship and Elaine firmly believes this must be with Jake.  Jake has issues.  He has also been involved with a few women and has a complicated relationship with his ex, whom he still sees from time to time.  He hasn’t gotten over his dad wife either.

Throughout the book we get to share the ups and downs of Elaine’s life, especially the downs.  Her beloved dog, Graeble, is diagnosed with cancer.  At first the vet is able to treat her and Elaine appreciates and values the time she gets to spend with Graeble.  But just as her relationship with Jake is becoming a little more established Graeble’s cancer returns and there is nothing to do be done for.  Elaine decides to go with the most humane option and takes her beloved dog to the vet to have her put to sleep.  Quite clearly she needs someone to talk to but Jake is absent, spending time with his adult kids instead.  This is when Elaine begins to realise that he is never going to be all she wants him to be.

They eventually go their separate ways and Elaine slips into a depression caused by the break-up and the grief of losing Graeble.  Her life feels hollow and she almost ends it at one point.  Thankfully her doctor prescribes anti-depressants and HRT – Elaine is hitting the menopause – and she is able to slowly lift herself out of her depression.  She becomes a volunteer for a homeless charity and begins to appreciate her life once more, even without Jake in it.  She finally bumps into him again and is shocked to learn that he has an aggressive form of cancer.  She offers to be a companion to him until the end.

This book contains an awful lot of emotional stuff and you may need a box of tissues when you read it.  It was a love story but not the whole hearts and flowers, which was unexpected.  Elaine goes through a huge personal transformation and it is really emotional for her.

Very well written.  Thought provoking.  Often emotional.  Witty.  I loved it.

5 stars *****