Pagan Portals: Moon Magic by Rachel Patterson.

This lovely book is ideal for anyone wanting to focus on working with the moon.  It is jam-packed with ideas for rituals, meditations and other moon related activities.  Each chapter has enough information for the novice through to the more experienced practitioner and the author suggests adding your own spin on everything too.

The book only has 112 pages, but it has no need to be on the lengthy side as what it contains is more than enough for anyone to get serious about working with the moon.  The chapters cover Esbats, the phases of the moon, seasonal aspects, the Celtic Tree Calendar, moon deities and much, much more.  The instructions are clear and concise, and, as already mentioned, there is plenty of scope for you to add your own twist to any of the suggestions included.

I was really impressed at the sheer volume of information contained in this book, quite often the material is repetitive in something this short, but that wasn’t the case here.

Well worth a read for anyone interested in this subject.

Highly Recommended.

5 stars *****

Keep Me Going cereal review.

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“Keep Me Going” cereal is a product in the new “Keep Me Going” range.  You can read about their ideal here.

So far the only product on offer is the breakfast cereal, but everyone has to start somewhere.  When I heard about this product I was eager to give it a try.  As a diabetic having food with as low a GI as possible is very important to me and the claims this company were making were that the cereal was a lot less lower in sugar and salt than other brands on the market.  So, they made the claims and I was putting them to the test, but they also claimed that their product was tasty too.  Quite often breakfast cereals that are low in sugar and salt taste absolutely vile and I have given them a wide berth.  Bran flakes are supposedly good for diabetics, but they taste like cardboard and I cannot stand them.  I wondered if this new cereal would taste like that and worried that I would not really be able to review the product.

When my package arrived I discovered two boxes.  I was either going to have something tasty for my breakfast for a few weeks, or have a hard time convincing other people to sample the product.  When I had my first bowl I was a little apprehensive; I am really fussy so this could have been a short-lived trial.  I do not use dairy products on my cereal either, I much prefer Almond Milk, so just to warn you that this could have changed the flavour I experienced somewhat.  The cereal had quite a pleasant taste, a little like a sweet version of bran flakes – remember, I hate that stuff! – and something else that I could not put my finger on.  During the trial I was having problems with my Blood Glucose levels and I have to admit this product did not raise them any higher than my usual peanut butter on wholegrain toast breakfast.  I cannot say that this brand kept my BG levels low because I was having problems and needed my medication changed, but I can say that eating this product did not cause my BG levels to spike, unlike other products had.

Neither my husband nor my son liked the product, but they aren’t particularly big on cereal anyway.  My daughter found the cereal to be quite tasty and said it is a product she would definitely have again.  I became a huge fan of this product whilst I trialed the two boxes and am sorry to report I cannot get hold of anymore just yet.  The only place to stock this product at this moment in time is Ocado and this supermarket does not yet deliver to my area.  I really hope that the supermarkets pick this cereal up real soon as I would happily have this product as my breakfast cereal of choice.

This product is aimed at the whole family, not just diabetics like me, or kids.  The aim is to offer a choice of cereal that is not full of sugar and too much added salt.  The GI claim was backed by Hammersmith Hospital and involved around a dozen volunteers who had their blood sugar levels checked regularly after eating the cereal.  The claims are that compared to Special K Original cereal – which is advertised as a healthy option – Keep Me Going has 8 times less salt, 60% less sugar, twice the amount of fibre and a low GI (comparable to traditionally made porridge).

All in all this product gets my vote for a tasty breakfast option.  I know I can rely on this product not to spike my blood sugar levels, plus it left me feeling full and I didn’t need a mid-morning snack, with my next meal being lunch.  I also had a bowl once or twice on an evening when my blood sugar was a little low and this was enough to keep my hunger at bay until the following morning.

The only downside for me is that I am unable, at this time, to get anymore, but hopefully it won’t be too long until it is readily available.  If you are looking for a tasty, healthy alternative to the usual breakfast options then I urge you to try this product.

Nutritional info here.

Keep Me Going website can be found here.

My Soul Is Wherever You Are.

The title of this book suggests a romantic read.  The reality of this book is a murder/mystery.  It’s a very short read but boy, the author packs so much adventure and intrigue into the book that you don’t really feel cheated by it not being longer.

The story moves back and forth between the end of World War 2, to 1963 and to Easter 2011.  It can be a little confusing at times but I found re-reading the opening lines or the end of the previous chapter brought me back up to speed without any difficulty.  the story centres around certain individuals in the tale and leads up to the revelation of the killer of Moresco, his death is what starts the story off.

It has been translated into English and sometimes this interrupts the flow of the narrative, this is what has happened here.  don’t get me wrong, you can easily understand the story but I feel it has lost some of its natural flow in the translation.  All in all a pleasant short read.

3 stars ***

Review of Voices Of The Sacred Feminine.


This book consists of many different stories, points of view and interviews that the editor has conducted on her radio show, Voices of the Sacred Feminine. The book brings us tales of struggles throughout the world, the struggles that women face everyday. These voices share their knowledge and wisdom on how they are trying to make a difference in this world. There are so many different points of view, too many to list here, you are sure to find something that resonates within you.
The book looks beyond God, the Christian God, and instead explores the role of the Goddess. There is a wealth of mythological stories, as well as tales of finding oneself and overcoming periods of struggle.
The book is quite lengthy, 409 pages, and is broken down into four parts. You won’t get through this in one go, but the book isn’t designed for that. For me, I felt it was the type of book one would dip into when searching for inspiration, and there is plenty of that in this book.
I enjoyed this book and recommend it to anyone who is looking for something beyond the usual self help offering.
5 stars *****