This Blog.

This blog may come across as ranty.  This blog is a thought process, for me.  It may seem like cowardice, but it’s not; there are things I want to say but can’t always. There are issues that affect me – yes, me, the person everyone believes is aloof and strong and has an amazing handle on the world.  The world scares me at times; there are so many people who deliberately hurt other people and those are the people who scare the bejeezus out of me.

People think nothing affects me, oh how wrong they are.  The one person who knows everything about me, my fears, my hurts, my pain, is my husband. Actually, there’s another person too, but we don’t always speak so……
Anyway, I digress, this blog is my personal sounding board and the posts will often come across as ranty, maybe childish, maybe even controversial but all of that depends on who is reading it and what their viewpoint of each subject is.
big bad world

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