Letting Life Be.

I’ve just been reading an article on Samhain and underneath it was an article for people in the Southern Hemisphere for Beltane.  Normally I would feel a pang of longing for that time of year, I love spring and early summer, but this time I felt right inside about the time of year.

I feel ready to have Autumn and Winter. Somehow I just know that it’s necessary – whereas in years gone by I’ve been eager for the dark, resting, time to be over as quickly as possible.  This year I’m ready to fully experience the going inside of myself that this time of the year invariably invokes in us all.
I also feel ready to experience my neighborhood again. When I just thought about that a little while ago, I was stunned. I love where I live; it’s the city, but we are on the edge of the city. To my left, at the end of my street, there are fields and mother nature in all of her glory reigns supreme.  During the light half of the year my neighborhood is full of people who come to walk their dogs, or to spend time at the river and it can feel pretty full on. Their energies float about and I feel them and am overwhelmed by them, often making me long for bad weather. Autumn always feels good because people are more focused on schools returning and therefore frequent this neighborhood less. Winter’s arrival nearly always heralds the risk of flood for us and that has never sat comfortably with me. It feels too much out of my control and that’s a feeling that always leaves me feeling vulnerable.
But this year I feel accepting of the cyclic nature of the year, which is a first for me, and that is bringing the Goddess Persephone to mind. I’m keen to explore her in more depth and this time of the year feels perfect, the time of year when she would be beginning her annual stay in the Underworld. I think I would benefit greatly from delving into Persephone’s story and what better time of the year to do it.

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