Earliest Childhood Memory.

For day 4 of the blog challenge I am going to be sharing my earliest childhood memory.

I have quite a few I can actually remember, ranging from when I was a year old to just before I started school at the age of 4.  It is the very first memory I have that I am going to share with you.

I was in my pushchair – this would have been 1972 – and I could see the sky outside from the living room window.  I was doing that babbling/chatter thing that babies do and my Aunty leaned over the pushchair to speak to me.

Granted, this is a very fleeting memory, but it actually happened because I brought it up to my mother when I was around 6 or 7 and I can always remember how astounded she was that I recalled this event.  I can remember the sky was blue, and that this was what I was looking at when my Aunty leaned over to talk to me.  My mother corroborated that they used to place my pram/pushchair in front of the window so I could look out – something nobody had ever spoken to me about.

What I recall isn’t that much but the image is very clear in my mind, just as any other memory is.