Day 6

For the sixth day of this challenge, this post is about three personality traits of mine that I am proud of.

  • Strength
  • Confidence
  • Wit


Strength is a quality that I have in abundance.  There are times when I wonder where it all comes from, but it is my greatest asset, I believe.

Confidence.  Again, it is something that I seem to have a lot of.  That said, I do have those panicky moments where I think “Oh my god, I can’t do it”  I think that is normal for everyone.

Wit.  I have to be totally honest here, I started writing this post and knew that I could list strength because it is something I know I have an awful lot of.  For the next two I asked my daughter what she thought and she suggested confidence and wit.  One thing I am not good at is praising myself, labelling myself as something positive.  That said, I have to admit I am strong and confident and I guess the wit comes from having had such turmoil in my life for so long I have just got so used to trying to see the funny side of life.