Day 8

Day 8 asks for an old photo of yourself.

In the age of selfies and when we share just about everything we do with social media I recoil in horror when asked to provide a photo of myself.

Sure, I mess around taking selfies with my husband – my kids just roll their eyes at us – but these photos very rarely get shared.  I hate having my photograph taken, always have. I can’t smile on cue without looking like I’m grimacing and my natural look is what is known as resting bitch face.  I’ve gotten better at sharing photos on Facebook, but only just. I never used to use photos of me as a profile pic but now I’m slightly better at that. 

Also, to find a really old photograph to share online would require uploading one onto my laptop after scanning it – far too much effort!  Instead, I decided to share one from a couple of years ago of me and my husband.