Timeline Of My Day.

Today’s challenge is asking for a timeline of my day.

The latest I get up is 8am, which seems very lazy, but, I am an insomniac and sometimes I am not actually getting any sleep until roughly 2 or 3 am, and even then I am not sleeping properly.  If I am sleeping, things are improving slowly, I will get up around 7am.

After waking the first thing I do is test my blood sugar levels, then take my medication  – I think it goes without saying I will have been to the loo  😗. Then I have something to eat – usually some kind of breakfast cereal like Weetabix or Weetabix minis, the fruit variety.

I am going to write this post on the assumption that I am feeling well, because if I am in a flare then this is as far as my day will go.  I literally will be in bed for the entire day and the only thing I will do is have my meals, use the bathroom and watch TV.

I usually start my working day between 9 and 10am.  I will have dealt with most emails during breakfast and prior to me switching my laptop on, but occasionally something will need addressing and so this will be my first task.  If I am reviewing I will go through my notes and start to compose a blog post, if I am working on my book I will literally lose myself in the plot.  If I am doing any other work I will take care of that.

I break for lunch anywhere between 11:30 -midday and quite often I will catch up with social media at this point.

My afternoon schedule is pretty much like my morning schedule and I will finish for the day from 3:30pm onwards – this will depend on how much work I have to get through, if there is a deadline to meet I will work until around 6pm some days.

My evenings are a mixture of watching TV that I have recorded, catching up with social media, talking to my kids (they are adults btw) and spending time with my husband.  I also read, a lot.

On a good day I am in bed between 11pm and 11:30pm, but if the insomnia has reared its ugly head or I am in pain I can be awake until silly o’clock.  If that happens, I may read some more, or play a game on my phone, or surf the social media sites, sharing memes that appeal to me.

Weekends are different.  We have our Granddaughter so our time is spent with her and I don’t actually do any work, although if there is a huge deadline looming, I will get some work done on a Sunday evening after she has gone home.