RIP Sir Terry Wogan.

It’s always sad to hear about the passing of someone. In recent weeks the media has been awash with the passing of several high profile celebrities, and today we have lost another legend.

I always think the best way to remember these icons is to celebrate what they gave us.  

I remember Terry on radio 2 when I was a child.  My mother always listened to his show, Wake Up To Wogan,whilst getting us kids ready for school.  It always helped me feel better if I listened to his show whenever I was off school sick. The soothing tones of his familiar voice a comfort when I felt awful.  My fondest memories of Terry’s show back then are him singing The Floral Dance, or how he would laugh about Abba’s Chiquitita, claiming it sounded like they were singing take your teeth out.  His wit was second to none as he commentated on The Eurovision Song Contest, ah those were the days.

Another light has gone out in the world of showbiz, he will be a huge miss.  My thoughts are with his family at this time.

Rest In Peace Terry.

Weird quirk of mine.

I am quite a quirky person, not really any one thing defines that, it’s just the way I am.  I asked my daughter this question and she said “your double jointedness.”

So there you have it.