Lazy Sunday

Continuing on from yesterday: the much needed quiet time continues today 😊


Lat night I dreamt my Dad was singing Peggy Sue, which has made me think of this song, which always reminds me of my Dad.  

Money is not a dirty word.

There are some people who would have us believe that it is wrong to want/need money.  They try to make us feel bad because our need is great and we get caught up in the viscous circle of so called greed.

The thing is, we need money to live. To feed ourselves, our families, to clothe ourselves, to pay our way in life. That is the truth of the matter, we need money to live in his world. Money is something we need and we should not be ashamed of that fact. Yes, there is greed and corruption in this world, but that isn’t money’s fault, that comes down to people.

Saturday song.

I got really ill late last week and it’s taken me until today to feel like me again.  I woke up today feeling more like myself and very much like a shiny, happy person once more.

Fab Friday. 

I’ve had an utterly awful week – illness related- but it’s Friday, it’s date night with my Mr. Wonderful so this song is appropriate and up-lifting.