Message For Today.

When this card shows up we are being asked to take stock of where we spend, or waste, our time.  Today, spend a few minutes assessing where your time is spent, and where you have energy leaks. Energy leaks are where our time and energy is wasted – this could be spending too much time checking out all the latest gossip online, to getting involved in pointless drama on social media.

It’s easy to say that none of our time is wasted because everything is a lesson to us, and this is true to a certain degree. But when you find you have energy leaks due to yet another pointless argument online, it’s time to plug that leak and do something constructive about it.

The same can be said about over filling our schedules. We have gotten it into our heads that being productive equals being busy, and vice versa. But if we are just creating tasks in order to feel as though we are doing something this can be counter productive.  We don’t always have to stretch ourselves too thinly to achieve our goals, slow and steady wins the race is also a good maxim.