This song will always remind me of sneaking into The Red Lion, getting drinks bought, and my friend Clare falling out the door on the way out.


For me, nothing says 1985 more than this song. Me and my friends were obsessed with this song and Madonna – who wasn’t?


❤️❤️❤️❤️ This song ever since The Smiths released it.


This song always reminds me of a group of girls I hung about with at high school.


This was the year I started high school. I was 11. This song reminds me of how innocent I really was at this age, me and my friend would dance around her living room to this song using cushions as Pom Poms and having no clue as to what the song was really about.


Into double figures, this was the year I turned 10.  The songs in the top 100 of the year were all songs I liked, but I chose this one because it really reminds me of listening to music with my parents and brothers.


All of the songs in the top 100 for this year are songs I really like, only a handful remind me of my childhood.  This one reminds me of dancing around with my friend. 


This was the year I really started to love music.  Looking at the top 100 songs for the UK for this year, I could have picked so many songs for today’s entry.  I chose this particular song because it reminds me of me and my friend singing along to it when it was on the radio.




This is still a song I love now.  I also love the film – the version with Madonna and Antonio Banderas, although this particular song is so much better by David Essex.