Running Away versus Moving Forward.

Do you ever find yourself implementing change within your life just for the sake of it?  Or, are you quite happy to deal with your problems head on and then move forward in a manner that allows your life to flow smoothly?

Of course, there are times when implementing change is a necessity, but if you are forever changing things around then maybe you are running away from your problems, from your stressors, from your doubts, from whatever it is you are not facing up to.

For example; do you move from job to job and find that your co-workers cause you issues?  This example shows that the issues are less likely to be with the co-workers and more likely to be with yourself.  In this instance, you have to look at what pattern keeps cropping up and face it, then resolve it.  Only then will you be able to move forward.  Switching jobs every time you encounter a problem wth co-workers can help in the short term, but should you find this is a recurrent pattern in every job you have, then you know the problem is more to do with you and less to do with them.

It isn’t just in the workplace that you might have such issues.  You can literally have issues in any area of your life and find that you are running from one thing to the next, with the so-called problem happening all of the time.  This is when you know that you have some learning and growing to do and need to face the issue head on.

The easiest way for you to do this is to list all of the problems you are facing and be brutally honest with yourself.  Journaling is always a wonderful tool in such instances and allows you to have a brain-dump.  A brain-dump allows you to “get it all off your chest”. so to speak, and gives you a good insight into what the recurring issue actually is.

A lot of people are reluctant to face their issues head on because of the pain that it can cause.  But, the pain is part of the healing process and once faced, won’t hang around forever.  In fact, it is probably more painful to keep running away from your problems than it is to actually face them.  Once you face any issues, especially recurring ones, you will find that you move forward in so many different areas in your life.

Running away versus moving forward?

Moving forward for sure!



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