Book Review of Goddess 2.0 by Rev. Dr. Karen Tate.

Goddess 2.0 is an anthology of Goddess teachings and thoughts on the Goddess by Rev. Dr. Karen Tate and over 20 other writers. In this anthology, each author shares with the reader their thoughts on life following Goddess worship, as well as how allowing the Goddess into their lives not only enriches lives but also how a life following the Goddess allows us to be more compassionate to ourselves, other people, and the world in general. What this book offers is hope to all of those people who are looking for an alternative way of life and worship to what the current patriarchal way of thinking offers.

Many subjects are covered in this book, they are as follows:

The Resurgence of the Feminine and the Awakening of the Soul by Anne Baring.

Power by Barbara Walker.

The Dark Goddess in the 21st Century: Facing Our Final Destination by Cristina Biaggi.

Feminist Theology as a New Religion by Shirley Ann Ranck.

Goddess Based Morality of Women’s Health; Abortion and Healthcare by Starhawk.

Goddess at the Center, Goddess Everywhere by Nancy Vedder-Shults.

One Small Step by Linda Iles.

Becoming the Priestess or Priest of Isis by M. Isodora Forrest.

21st Century Ministry by Rev. Dr. Patricia Iolana.

The GoddessAwaits by Bob Gratix.

Reviving The Serpent; Symbol of Regeneration by Amy Peck aka Amalya.

On Building Bridges, Not Walls: A Goddessian – Christian – Muslim Perspective by Trista Hendren.

The Mother of All the Living and Societies of Peace by Carol P. Christ.

What’s Good for Women is Good for the World: Foundations for a Caring Economy by Riane Eisler.

Reawakening Our Earliest Sacred Stories by Karen Tate.

Columbia: America’s Forgotten Goddess by Andrew Gurevich

Veganism: The Most Powerful Antidote To The Dominator Paradigm by Charlotte L. Cressey.

Activism and the Dark Aphrodite: Battling Oppression and Fascism in Greece by Harita Meenee.

Lillith Meets The Green Man by Elizabeth Fisher.

Goddess Ethics in Action by Bob Fisher.

Economics of Goddess Spirituality; Interconnection and Social Justice by Starhawk.

Women and Politics by Delphine DeMore.

What Does The Goddess Have To Do With Politics? by Tabby Biddle.

In this book, you will not get your usual fare of lists of Goddess names with explanations of which pantheon they belong to etc. This book talks about the Goddess in a generic sense, rather than an individual Goddess, except for a couple of articles where the authors have specified a particular Goddess by name. This book helps us to understand that Goddess worship, and following the path of the Goddess can be extremely fulfilling and integrate perfectly with every aspect of our lives.

For instance, Starhawk argues that healthcare is a moral issue and that it must be given universally, not just to those who can afford it. This is a topic that affects many people worldwide and the author’s argument can teach us that by following the Goddess we too can feel passionately about such important issues as health care and its availability to all.

Riane Eisler proposes that recognising the critical importance of “women’s issues” is essential for everyone, women and men, young and old, and that “caring societies” are not only more compassionate but also more economically successful.

Within this book, you will find a broad spectrum of ideas and causes that not only affect women and the poor but affect everyone, everywhere in the world. The book teaches us that it is OK to be passionate about causes that affect us all, that we can have an interest in politics and still be compassionate and caring. This book offers us a new way to worship deity in a compassionate and caring way, as opposed to what the patriarchal teachings have drummed into us for centuries.

The book is very well written, the topics are both thought provoking and enlightening. Each of the authors care very deeply about the issues that they have covered and their offerings are well researched and interesting, and very relevant to the book itself.

If you are looking for a light read or a comprehensive guide to Goddess names and pantheons then this is not the book for you. Admittedly, the book is a little heavy going, but that is to be expected given the topics that are covered. This book is for anyone who cares passionately about the world around them and is looking for an alternative form of worship and way of life.