Positivity Advent Calendar. Day 1.

It’s so very easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of the Christmas season, especially when we lead such busy lives. The season itself is meant to be enjoyed, in my opinion, whether that be in a flurry of children’s school activities that are centred around Christmas, or gift buying and preparing for the huge seasonal feast, or even social events with friends and family. But for so many of us this can be a really stressful time. We worry that we aren’t doing “it” right, whatever “it” may be; we worry that what we have bought for our loved ones, gift wise, isn’t enough, and that we have somehow failed them because of this. There are those of us who have extended family coming to stay for the holidays and that in itself opens up a whole new realm of stress and worry. There are a multitude of other worries that many of us encounter each and everyday and we feel them more keenly at this particular time of the year.

With all of this in mind, I wanted to share some positivity with you all. It may not be much, and it is probably not going to eliminate the stresses of the forthcoming season, but just maybe it will bring a smile to someone’s face, or give someone pause for thought in the madness that ensues. I’m calling it the positivity advent calendar because there will be a positive quote shared on this blog each Day from December 1st to Christmas Day.

Today’s quote is all about believing in ourselves. Just imagine always having unshakable belief in yourself. Imagine what you could and would achieve if you always believed you could do whatever it is you wanted to do.

Now go for it.