I have noticed a distinct lack of manners on some of the social media platforms. Maybe I’m showing my age. Maybe it doesn’t really matter. Maybe it isn’t any of my business at all. I just feel some people are ungrateful and lacking in manners when I see posts online and the poster hasn’t thanked the people who have said something kind to them. Or even worse, they select their “besties” and thank them, leaving everyone else out.

As always I have trawled through posts trying to find a pattern and what I have discovered is certainly unexpected. The majority of people my age and older are thankful. The younger generation is also thankful, and I am ashamed to say  I expected most of them to be ignoring their well-wishers.

How wrong I am!

The majority of posters who either do not thank well-wishers or are very selective about who they thank are in the thirty-something age group.  If you are this age and this does not apply to you then I salute you for being well-mannered too.

As always there are exceptions to the rule and there are ill-mannered people in all age groups, but the majority of thirty-somethings I see are not being thankful.  Shock, gasp, horror. OK, OK, it isn’t the end of the world. Nor is it relevant really. It’s just an observation I have made.