Know Your Worth.

On my self love journey I am really beginning to value myself, and my time, a lot more. Knowing what I am worth, knowing that I value myself has meant I have been able to see situations in my life a lot clearer.

Never devalue yourself for part time people. Always know your worth and act accordingly. If you lose people, whether they be friends or family then you know that they are not respecting your boundaries. The boundaries you have put in place to make sure your time and attention is not being used up by others for their own agenda.

Loving yourself wholly means you have to get tough on situations and people who devalue your worth. It hurts at times to discover that people whom you deem important in your life don’t feel the same way about you. But this is where loving yourself really steps up a gear and allows you to differentiate between those who really care about you and those who just say they do.

Loving you is important, it’s vital to your self worth.

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