Monday Moon Cards – 10/08/20

Whatever is coming your way, it looks set to put a smile on your face. This card is saying to you that after a period of feeling low, fun will return to your life.

Don’t take too many risks though, whilst this card promises adventure, it’s not wise to take too many risks right now. What you can do is play with ideas, make plans, talk to other people about these plans and ideas..

This card can be an indicator of a trip coming up, so this is definitely a good card if that’s what your plans are. Whatever happens next, know that there is a gift in store for you.

The teaching of this card is that Sagittarius is the sign of fun, travel, exploration, and the Great Cosmic Quest. It’s the sign of big ideas due to its expansive and upbeat energy.

This card is also telling you to dream big, due to the positivity of this card, good sign for whatever you are trying to manifest right now.