Tuesday Thought – 22/09/20

I’ve just binge-watched Messiah on Netflix. I’d initially set out to watch this when it premiered here in the UK (early January), but with one thing or another I never did get round to it.

I’m not religious, but I am curious. I’m curious about what people believe in and why they believe what they do. I’m curious about what inspires a person to have faith in something or someone. I’m curious about how the teachings of love, peace, harmony, acceptance, etc are taught throughout the world, in all religions and belief systems, and yet arguing and fighting over who is right, or whose God – or Goddess – is the one true deity.

I believe in love, peace and harmony. I believe in acceptance and tolerance. I believe that we are free to choose our faith and belief system, and I believe that nobody has the right to tell us that what we believe in is wrong.

The show was very thought provoking and had many angles that left questions to ponder upon. It’s a shame that Netflix aren’t renewing it for a second season, I felt there was plenty of potential and plenty of storylines that could’ve sustained another season. But I guess that’s the nature of entertainment.