What’s in a name?

It’s been a while since I shared anything regarding how this blog came to be called Sue’s Views, and why the url is suepk.uk

Firstly, the blog name.

This blog was birthed a few years back and was intended as a personal online journal. I had two other blogs, one for reviewing, and one for spiritual beliefs. I found it rather time consuming to be updating three blogs on a regular basis and I ended up not posting on any for a wee while.

One particular day I had some reviews to write up and I accidentally uploaded them to this blog, and so Sue’s Views was born. This blog used to be called The Wonderful World Of Sue, but I wanted my own domain name that fitted with all three hats I wear for blogging, and that name just felt way too long.

The url:

For years my Twitter handle has been suepk – deriving from Sue Park, my name. It seemed like a short and snappy sort of name to use for the url, and so that’s how that came into being.

Sometimes I feel that my reviewing posts need their own blog and website, but then I remember why I stopped doing it that way and I guess I convince myself it’s easier this way.

Although I don’t do sales on this blog/website I do consider suepk to be my brand. There are a few things in the pipeline with regards to a brand, but it’s early days and too early to say whether or not they’ll come to fruition.

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