Being the change I want to see.

If you have ever wanted to make a difference anywhere you’ll know the first step is to research the subject area.


After I had a traumatic experience early autumn it sent me down the path I’m currently on. I’m at the beginning of my Psychology degree journey. This has given me so much food for thought, particularly where I aim to take this knowledge once I complete my degree.

However, in my area support for most things is inadequate. I spent a good part of yesterday researching where I could aim to make myself useful. But I just couldn’t see the right charity, support group, etc that covered what my burning passion is driving me towards.

And then I had an idea.

I could be the change. I let the thought percolate for some time and then sent a message to a couple of trusted people. An idea was born and the stumbling block I had came upon has vanished.

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