Wednesday Wisdom – 30/06/21.

Review of The Orange Grove by Rosanna Ley.

Holly has a surprise, she’s setting up her own business. She’s turning her back on her career and quitting her job. Holly has dreamt of owning her own business – a business that is all she things orange.

She returns home to Dorset to tell her parents and convinces her mother to go to Seville with her, as she’s set up some business meetings there. But Ella seems reluctant to go, something doesn’t feel right.

Ella has a secret. Does the truth lie in Seville?

What a wonderful read this was! I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. There are twists and turns that keep you guessing right throughout the book.

This is a story of love and loss. A story filled with passion, not just for the oranges. Told from the perspective of Ella and Holly, passion and intrigue follow them both through Seville, as they search what they are looking for. Holly’s story is almost identical to Ella’s, but Holly is also intrigued by what her mother is hiding.

Perfect to read on holiday. A wonderful read for any time you need to escape. Rosanna Ley has let the words flow in this beautifully written story that transports you right to the heart of Seville and the orange trees that are all around the city.

A book to fall in love with. Highly recommended.

How do you cope on bad days?

Any illness will have bad days. Whether physical or mental. Right now I’m having bad days from both.

Coping is a struggle, but it’s a necessity and finding what’s right for you has to come from you. Tools, ideas, suggestions, techniques, they’re ten a penny. There’s an abundance of them online, in books, in magazines, advice from therapists, etc. But you have to find your own coping strategy.

This can be relatively easy, or it can be hard. We are all different and we all react to stress factors differently. But one thing I have found is listening to my body. That said, not everyone can tune in during a time of crisis.

Half the battle can often be getting the gremlins in your head to pipe down for long enough to hear yourself think, and to decide how you’re going to tackle the black cloud that’s hanging over you.

This isn’t a do it this way post. What works for me won’t necessarily work for the next person. This post is just a quiet reminder that this will pass.