Always relevant.

There’s been a bit of kerfuffle in one or two groups I’m in. That age old “I can’t be your friend because you’re still friend’s with — (insert name). I’m too long in the tooth for that nonsense, although I must stress that none of this involved me. In fact I’m quite happy it didn’t involve me. I’ve had my fair share of this ridiculous sort of behaviour.

Circumstances in my life recently have taught me that life is very much for the living, very much to be grabbed with both hands and experienced and enjoyed. I’ve come to the conclusion that getting involved in friendship/forum/Facebook/messenger/WhatsApp/group politics is bad for my health.

We are not teenagers in high school hating on whoever Queen Bee decides she isn’t friend’s with today. I really cannot be bothered with that kind of drama. I have enough of that when my cats decide to hiss and carry on at each other!

Live and let live. If I have an issue with someone and another person I am friendly with remains their friend, well that’s their prerogative. It isn’t for me to decide who they can choose to be friendly with.

I actually find that is quite an egotistical act to try and dictate to another that I don’t want to talk to them anymore because they’ve remained friend’s with someone I dislike. Just because I have an issue doesn’t mean everyone I know must have an issue too.

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