The Power Of Goodbye.

Here in the UK we seem to spend a fair amount of time remembering from Samhain until Remembrance Day/Sunday. We remember our ancestors at Samhain, and as a friend of mine says, “we too are the ancestors, we are becoming ancestors for the future generations.” This gave me pause to reflect a couple of days ago. I wondered what I would be remembered for, what legacy I would leave behind.

I reflected upon choices I have made, some good, some not so good, and some downright awful. But this is life. We make choices and we can’t always know how that choice will play out. We just have to put our faith in the situation and hope we are going the right way.

Closing the door on our past mistakes can feel like the right thing to do, but sometimes we need to evaluate the teachings that past situations have. Sometimes we repeat cycles of learning and unlearning, patterns of behaviour that we feel we may never be free from.

But once we learn and accept what the lesson has been trying to teach us, we are free to move forward and embrace the new chapter that has been waiting patiently for us.