Heavy Energies.

It’s the dark of the moon, or the black moon, whatever you want to name it. If you’re not familiar with either of these terms it’s the phase of the moon just before the new moon phase.

I started to take notice of this phase, in particular, a while back when I noticed my husband was often moodier than usual around the dark moon phase. This was quite surprising to me as I was very familiar with emotive feelings being heightened during the full moon phase, but I’d never really put much thought into this happening in the dark of the moon.

There are also other planetary shenanigans going on that affect us here on earth; the one I have noticed a lot is mars retrograde, it’s been sending a lot of funky energy my way, including communication problems on a scale akin to Mercury in retrograde.

The best way to navigate these heavy feelings is to be gentle with yourself. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you get cross. Take a breath and just let it all go.