Merry Christmas.

I want to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone one of you for reading my ramblings and interacting with me each week. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, and here’s hoping 2023 is kinder to us all.

These goddamn elves!

My granddaughter has been staying with us for a while as her Mum is unwell, and we’ve had the pleasure (not) of having to come up with ideas for Elf On The Shelf.

Granddaughter has 4 elves and it’s easy enough to carry out the mission of their silly antics every night; granddaughter is neurodivergent and she likes her elves to be doing the same thing. The issue is finding something for them all to do that won’t upset her and cause a meltdown.

I had a fabulous idea for a treasure hunt after a local store had created a little list of Christmas items to look for when out and about. Feeling rather pleased with myself I hid the flyer high up on a tall bookshelf. The next morning granddaughter is asking what the list is about. She was holding the flyer and asking if she was going on a treasure hunt with the elves.

When asked how she’d found the flyer she blamed the elves. That left me biting my tongue. I could hardly tell her the elves didn’t do things like that.

Those goddamn elves!