Dream work.

Dreaming helps our thought processes and allows us to work on problems we have that are taking up space in our minds. We all dream, but not everyone recalls what their dream was about upon waking.

Dreaming is our mind trying to give us clues about problems or uncertainties we are experiencing in our waking lives. Our minds use symbolism to show us where we can find the answers. Those symbols are unique to you.

I’ve had an interest in dreams since childhood, and initially, I referred to dream interpretation books to help me navigate my dreamscape. But most interpretations I read about made no sense to me.

That’s when my journey with Soul Love Dreamscapes started.

I started to understand that dreams are very personal. They are unique to each individual. What one thing means for one person, means something different for someone else. The trick is to work out what each symbol means and piece it all together. That’s when you begin to understand what message your subconscious is trying to relay to you.

Next time you dream, make notes and then settle into the task of unraveling the symbology that your subconsciously mind is nudging you to know.


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