Your originality belongs to YOU!

This topic comes up a lot within my field of work. People claim that someone has copied them, an idea they had for a blog post, a service they offer, a product they sell, etc. From my POV this is not something to get too hung up on. Millions of people, everyday sell their services and products, very successfully. Someone else copying them should only be an issue if their creation is stolen and copied completely.

No, I haven’t gone mad!

You have to ask yourself the question, “When did my idea really begin ?” On that note, inspiration in this aspect comes from something you saw, or something you read about, or even someone you overheard. And it’s almost certainly to be the case that this person got their inspiration from someone else. The idea originated from a person so far back in time, it would be impossible to say who was actually the creator of it. It’s what you add to the mix that makes it uniquely yours, so never hold back for fear of being copied, or accused of copying someone’s idea.

I like to remind anyone who says this to me that they also copied someone too, this shakes them loose and they realise that ideas and inspiration originate from other people, as well as that little spark of magic used to make your own mark on something.

If you’re creating art, or music, or writing anything, or anything that you are making yourself. From scratch. Clearly this is your own creation and you want to protect it. This is not what I’m referring to. I’m referring to people who claim that something another person has done has been copied. The idea. The concept of the creation, not the creation itself. Copying another person’s creation and passing it off as your own infringes copyright laws etc. But using an idea that another has already used, and putting your spin on it, that’s how the wheel keeps turning, so to speak.

Use your voice, your perspective, your unique view of the world to share what you have inside of you. Create your magical item, your gorgeous piece of art, your unique item that you have birthed from within. Share your creative ideas with the world.

Be you.


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