Beltane 2023.

Beltane. My favourite festival.

I don’t do a lot to celebrate the festivals now. I think since Covid I’m more cautious about the who, where, what of getting out and about. I’ve never done the Coven thing, too many rules for my liking. I’ve worked with groups, in person and online, and done many, many solitary activities to celebrate.

I’ve followed a traditional witch type of way for honouring the festivals, I’ve created my own activities, and there’s been times where I haven’t done anything. And that’s ok too.

Nowadays I just do what I feel is right for me at the time. For a long time I’ve been following my own path, not aligning myself with any tradition. I’m not anti tradition, my motto being you do you and I’ll do me.

This Beltane I’m having an easy day. There’s been way too much busy in my life lately and I need to slow down for health reasons. I’m just learning to tune in properly to what my body needs. Taking time to rest, heal, work things out.

Doing what feels right for you is the key to enjoying the festivals. Too much emphasis is put on people to do what “so called experts” do to celebrate. That’s ok if you want to do that. But if you would rather do your own thing, that’s absolutely fine too.

Celebrating festivals your own way is just as valid as following other people’s traditions.

Anyway, whatever you do today, hopefully you have fun.


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