Dedicated follower of fashion.

At this time of year many of us are thinking about updating our wardrobe for the summer months ahead. For some of us it will be a necessity, maybe we have finally discarded our old summer clothes after many years wear out of them and really do need new ones. Or perhaps we have a new job and it is essential that we have some smart workwear for the summer months ahead. Or maybe we have lost or gained a little weight and we are in need of some well fitting clothes to see us through the summer months.

But what if we are feeling the pinch financially? Should we succumb to the pressure of kitting ourselves out with the latest summer togs? Well, I guess that depends on your circumstances. If you really feel you must go out and buy this season’s fashion then so be it. But what if you aren’t able to afford more than a couple of items or if you feel you want to be greener?

Then there are plenty of ways you can kit yourself out for the winter ahead and at a fraction of the cost.
Firstly, if you are hooked on designer labels then how about looking for the high street equivalent. Often newspapers and magazines will have articles on how to dress like your favourite celeb etc but at a fraction of the cost.
Next is the charity shops. Most now have a really good selection of clothing (as well as shoes, handbags, accessories – not to mention household goods) to accommodate all shapes and sizes and tastes in fashion, again at a fraction of the cost. And if you’re really lucky you might even get to wear an item of clothing that belonged to a real celebrity (if that’s your thing), as quite a few celebrities have been known to donate their unwanted clothing to charity shops.

You could, if you are able to, make your own clothing. Sewing and knitting are becoming very popular once again and if you are willing to learn how it is a very viable option for the thrifty or greenies.

Another option is to just wear whatever you have. Obviously if everything is tatty then you should think about updating your wardrobe, but if your winter clothing is in decent condition and you are happy enough with it, then there really isn’t any need just to discard last years togs and go out and buy new ones.
This is a really good option if you have limited funds and/or are passionate about the environment.

Another option is to have a clothes swapping party. If you have a few friends (or even just one or two) who have similar tastes in clothes to you and are roughly the same size, then you could invite them over and have a swap around. This is a really great way to recycle last years items and it will save you money and it’s good for the environment.

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These are just some ideas of how to save money and be kind to the environment.

Celtic Tree Lore and getting involved.

The Celtic Tree month of Willow has just begun.  I always aim to incorporate the tree months into my life, but somehow it just never happens.  I begin by bringing up the information I have and pinpointing where we are within the cycle.  I usually manage this for a couple of months and then life happens and it all falls by the wayside.

Of course I am so determined about such stuff that I’m having another go.  So, what can be expceted during this month?  Well, throughout this tree month – which runs from April 15th until May 12th – we should be concentrating on healing, growth of knowledge, nurturing and women’s mysteries.  I aim to expand my knowledge in a certain area, so that seems appropriate right now.  I have been involved in some distance healing with someone – nothing too strenuous though – and I have been nurturing my seedlings, so far so good.  Also, my book is kind of about women’s mysteries too, so I think I am ticking all of the boxes for this month, which pleases me.

One thing I always complain about is how my real life has a tendency to get in the way of my spiritual life.  I have tried to incorporate the two, somehow it never works out.  I think because I am happy to remain in the closet the two aspects of my life remain seperate and whilst that frustrates me no end, I think it is just how it is and how it will always be.
Of course another aspect of real life that gets in the way of me practicing is duty.  I am learning that I am entitled to a life of my own, that I can and should say no at times.  I am learning that it is healthy for me to say no, especially when I am not feeling 100%.  In recent times I have had many heavy burdens to bear and they have taken their toll on me.  But last week I put my foot down and refused to be the dogsbody for everyone anymore.  I took three days out from those burdens and felt better for it.  They are still there, but other people managed without me and I have done the same again this weekend.

This doesn’t mean I have not had to talk myself out of the immense guilt that washes over me.  I am pretty adept at having to have a word with myself when it comes to releasing my grip on situations.  But it does mean I am managing my time better and doing what I want for myself, something that has been lacking recently.  I only hope I can keep this up and can manage to stay true to myself.

Don’t waste water.

When cleaning your teeth do you turn the tap off during the cleaning or do you leave it running? To save water you should either use a glass of water for rinsing your tooth brush or only turn the tap on to rinse it – a whopping 4.5 litres of water can be wasted when we clean our teeth if we leave the tap running.

Really makes you sit up and think doesn’t it!

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Green Tips.

If you have recently bought a carpet, or have offcuts lying around then there is no need to throw the surplus/offcuts away. There are plenty of ideas for using up these pieces of carpet – lining draws, or using them in your pets bed, or cutting them into small pieces and placing them underneath plant pots etc outside so as not to mark windowsills or the like.
You could use them in the boot of your car or even lag pipes with them.

They may seem useless at first but they can be used in many ways which means they won’t end up in landfill – now that’s good for the environment.

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Mercury Retrograde annoyances.

Today has been such a slow day, not so much in the day is passing slowly, but in the delays I have had to face.  Typical of being midway through a Mercury Retrograde.  It seems everywhere I go today is fraught with delays, hold-ups, things needing doing over and over again because they weren’t done right the first time round, or because something went wrong the first time round.

I received a cheque back in the mail today – mail that was nearly two hours later than usual – because I hadn’t signed it.  This can be explained away as sheer carelessness on my part, rather than the effects of Mercury Retrograde.  But this was payment for an item I need desperately and now I have to wait even longer, typical Mercury Retrograde.

Today I cannot feel philosophical about Mercury Retrograde – you know, how the delays and virtual non-movement of everything generally benefits us all in the long run – with so many delays happening in my life right now (not just the item being delayed through my own fault) it is beginning to grate on my nerves.  Another 10 days of this kind of thing and I think I will go mad.

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Out and about.

I planned to go out today to take photographs, but then the weather turned really nasty and so  I decided to stay home instead.  I set about seeing to emails that I had been meaning to get round to and took a few snaps of my cats.  All in all I have cleared a back log of correspondence and very little else and now the sun is out again. 

Ah, such is life.

I was out and about yesterday at a place called Burgh Marsh (pronounced Bruff) and was disappointed not to get more photos.  My excuse being that I hadn’t anticipated it to be so boggy – bit silly of me when it is a marsh!  Still, I got some good personal snaps and I’m happy enough with those.

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Mother’s Day.

My own children have wished me a Happy Mother’s Day (it is Mother’s Day here in the UK), I have wished my own mother a Happy Mother’s Day and my husband has done the same to his mother.  Now it is time to wish Mother Earth a Happy Mother’s Day and reflect on what we can do to be kinder to her.