Z is for………


Zaramamma is a corn and grain Goddess and no matter how hard I try I cannot get the image of a farmer’s wife out of my head.  I have been unable to find very little credible info on this Goddess, so am unable to elaborate much further.  Again, if anyone does know anything about this Goddess I would love to hear about it.

Y is for…….


Yemaya is Goddess of the living ocean, some say Mother of all.  An African Goddess.  It is believed that she can cure infertility in women.  The Cowrie shell represents her.
Yemaya is said to wear seven skirts, which represent the seven seas.  She is said to be slow to anger, but when she does it is violent, think Tsunamis and other violent storms at sea.

With all of this in mind I imagine a huge – not fat, just a towering figure – mermaid type figure, wearing Cowrie shells in her hair.  I see her rising up and engulfing ships, entire towns and causing a huge amount of damage once she is angered.  But when she is being of gentle nature I see her sitting on a rock, far out to sea, basking in the sun and watching over those who worship her.

X is for…….


I have no idea how that is pronounced!

She is the Goddess of erotic love, maize, vegetation,  artistry and prostitutes.  The image of a Dominatrix comes to mind here.

W is for……..


I have been unable to find a Goddess beginning with the letter W, but if anyone does know of one then please let me know!

I am going to come across all cliched here and say that all women are Goddesses.  Come on, you know it makes sense.  We are adored and worshipped by our men/women/families.  We are amazing in the fact that we nourish new life within us and bring it into the world.  We nurture that new life once it is born and tend to it, helping it grow.
We can do a million things – not literally 😉 – at once and still manage to have babies, keep house, work at jobs.  We are truly amazing and we deserve to be pampered and worshipped and adored by our lovers and children and families.

We are all Goddesses.

V is for……


The Goddess of love.  The ruler of the star sign Taurus and my favourite Goddess, although I don’t feel as though she is my patron Goddess which is quite strange.

A modern Venus is any woman who is using her feminine wiles to seduce her man.  But also any woman who makes the most of what she has, looks wise, body wise, intellectually.  Venus women embrace their femininity and are not ashamed of it, they maximise their lives by using what they have – i.e. their womanliness.
This is how I view a modern Venus, as all women at one point or another in their lives.

T is for……


Tyche is the Goddess of good fortune, Lady Luck.  She teaches us that every situation’s outcome is determined by chance – so says the blurb.

The image I get in my mind’s eye of this particular Goddess is of a chic woman who frequents casinos.  You know the type, you read about them in novels, see them in the movies etc, they are always at the arm of the man who is gambling; mysterious, sparkling in appearance and always bringing luck to whoever’s arm they are hanging off.

Another, less glamorous image I have in my mind’s eye is that of a Fairy Godmother type.  Not as cool as the above image, but still Lady Luck nevertheless.

S is for…….


According to my research, Sophia is one of the most worshipped Goddesses.  She is known as the wise Goddess and people petition her for wisdom.  This always make me think of a sage old woman, although the images I have seen of Sophia portray a much younger woman.

The woman I have in my mind’s eye is in her mid 50’s, her hair is dark, but greying.  She has a kind face and eyes, the compassion is obvious in them.  She oozes compassion and kindness and she is the type of woman we can turn to whenever we need help or advice.  She seems like a mother/grandmother type figure, but just as equally a wonderful friend and confidant.

O is for…..


It completely slipped my mind that I was supposed to include this brief post for the letter O.  I had been struggling to find any Goddess beginning with the letter O until I stumbled across Oshun.  I have no modern take on this Goddess, but I wanted to include her – and then completely forgot.


Oshun is an African Love Goddess, a Goddess of Beauty and Love.  We can call on her when we need blessings in these areas of our lives; she brings peace and satisfaction, trust and friendship and a safe harbour from life’s storms.
She brings you into harmony with yourself.

R is for ……


When I started this project I thought I knew a fair amount about the many different Goddesses, but actually I don’t.  I know enough about quite a few, and quite a lot about the two I “think” are most likely who I feel an affinity with – Demeter and Kali.
My not knowing isn’t such a problem, after all, 366 days of witchery is all about me reconnecting with my witchy side.

So,  Rhiannon is a Celtic Goddess.  An Earth Goddess, her associated areas are Enchantments, Fertility, dreams, magick, horses, birds, and the Underworld.  My first instinct when I think about a Goddess who is associated with the Underworld is to think of her as a dark, seductive temptress.  But the image I get in my mind’s eye of Rhiannon is at odds with that.  I imagine her to look similar to my friend’s daughter, Katherine.  Katherine is animal mad and is interested in saving everything.  She gets really angry when any animal is hurt, even insects which she isn’t particularly fond of.  Katherine is petite, with blond hair and blue eyes.  She is gently spoken and always laughing.

This is how I view Rhiannon.

Q is for…..


I have never heard of this Goddess until I researched for this A-Z.  She is an Egyptian Goddess of sexual pleasure and beauty.  She is the wife of the God Resthep.  Qadesh is  a Syrian deity whose worship was introduced during the Middle Kingdom.  She was associated with the fertility God Min.

The image I got in my head here, was a woman wearing a really short, tight skirt, a skimpy top and long high-heeled leather boots.  Not entirely original for a Goddess, I know, but that was how I imagined her to look today.