Celtic Tree months.

I’ve had a go at including these once before and then got out of the habit.  The idea behind including this theme – and the Goddess month theme – on the blog is to take advantage of the energies they provide.  Each month has a particular theme to it and throughout that month we can utilise the energies for ourselves.

The current Celtic tree month is Birch/Beth.  It runs from December 24th to January 20th.  This is a time of rebirth – in keeping with the winter solstice, which is the time of rebirth – it is a time for looking forward, to the growing light.  Traditionally we work for creativity and fertility now.  Also healing and protection.  It is said that magick performed during this month is quite potent so now would be a good time to spell for positive changes in your life, or for spellwork aimed at shifting problems and so on.

I’ve heard it said that these beneficial energies are only present around the time of the tree month’s full moon, but I don’t believe that.  I would imagine that the energies are more potent at this particular time – as with any kind of energies – but the month as a whole will have the specific energies stated.

Celtic tree month of Hazel.

From August 5th until September 1st it is the month of the Hazel Tree.  This tree is associated with the element of air, the planet Mercury – who will spend the majority of this month retrograde – magickal actions for this month are manifestation, spirit contact, inspiration, protection, wrath, prosperity, wisdom, divination by dowsing, dreams, wisdom, marriage, reconcilliation, fertility, intelligence.

Holly Month

From July 8th until August 4th we have the Holly Month.  This month is the 8th moon of the year and the first moon of the dark half of the year.

The magickal uses for the Holly month are :-

watchfulness, good luck, holiness, death, consecration, rebirth, material gain, physical revenge, beauty and travel, protection magick for animals.

On a personal level I find, again, that there are things I can address within the theme of the month.  Life has been so very hard for me these past few months and I am not putting so much time and effort into online pursuits.  I have found that a lot of online “friendships” have fallen by the wayside and that left me unnerved, momentarily.  I find my priorities have really changed and I no longer give the time to things I did a few months back.  I have found that what I thought was important to me then no longer is.  At the time I would have felt my life was the poorer for not having such things and such people in it, but I have changed so much since the catalystic chain of events stormed through my life, I don’t feel like the same person anymore.

So with rebirth being a theme of the Holly month I am going to do a little cleansing ritual and meditation specifically for rebirth.  I feel it is time to re-enter the world.

Oak Month.

From June 10th to July 7th it is the Celtic month of the Oak.  This tree is associated with the element of fire and ruled by the sun.  Indeed, Litha falls within the Oak tree month, which sees the longest day of the year.
There are many Gods and Goddesses associated with this tree, particularly the Gods of thunder and lightning.

To me this tree represents strength and during this month we can cast spells for strength, protection, success and stability. good luck, health and healing, money, potency and good luck.
On a personal level I need to draw strength this month as there are one or two issues on the home front that need confronting.  My challenge for the month ahead will be to tackle these issues by drawing upon the energies of the grand oak tree to lend me strength and protection during what will undoubtedly be a difficult process.
Coupled with putting my life back together after losing two loved ones in four months and it isn’t too difficult to understand why I need the strength that the oak offers.  As I move back out into the world after taking a break I may need to draw upon the oak’s strength.  Going through such a tough time has left me feeling washed out and my energy severely depleted – my chronic illness has been particularly bad in recent weeks.  Of course the weather has played a part in me feeling so awful too.  Normally the weather doesn’t bother me whatever it is doing – I am a real weather geek – with the only time I complain being when it is too hot, as I am asthmatic and I cannot breathe; also having arthritis means hot and humid weather plays havoc with my joints too.  But generally I am pretty easy going when it comes to the weather, but recently it has been so cold and damp up in Cumbria that I have felt even worse, not just physically but emotionally too.
So it seems that my energies are so low and need a boost and that’s where the energies of the oak come in.

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Hawthorn Month.

We are now in the month of the Hawthorn in Celtic lore.  This time runs from May 13th until June 9th.  From a magickal point of view this is a great time to clear away old habits and outdated spiritual ideas.  Hawthorn can also be used for fertility, health and protection.  The Hawthorn is also associated with the fey.

I recently bought a Hawthorn tree and have it planted out in my garden.  I have also gone back to my interest in the wee folk.  When I first came to the craft I had a huge interest in fairies, but over time I let other people sway me into thinking a belief in the fey was childish.  In recent times though, I have felt myself being drawn back to them and a renewed interest in everything fey.

I have been through a really tough time over the past year, with the darkest time being from December until the end of April.  I lost my younger brother – he was 29 years old – and my Dad spent three months in hospital before losing his fight against illness.  I have been forced to re-evaluate everything.  Things that were important to me no longer have any bearing in my life.  People who once figured highly have been cast aside as I have discovered we are no longer complimenting one another.  I have found that no matter how hard  I have tried to do certain things I just cannot progress in that area and so in the wake of these two deaths I have reassessed my priorities – both with people and aspects of my life – where I would usually hold on so tightly.  As a Taurean I detest change; I am such a control freak and changing anything in my life usually scares the hell out of me.  But this dark time has left me needing change and I have found that I am now no longer afraid to embrace it.

This month I aim to tap into the energies of the Hawthorn and clear away what is no longer needed in my spiritual life.

© 2011 Susan Park.  All Rights Reserved.

Celtic Tree Lore and getting involved.

The Celtic Tree month of Willow has just begun.  I always aim to incorporate the tree months into my life, but somehow it just never happens.  I begin by bringing up the information I have and pinpointing where we are within the cycle.  I usually manage this for a couple of months and then life happens and it all falls by the wayside.

Of course I am so determined about such stuff that I’m having another go.  So, what can be expceted during this month?  Well, throughout this tree month – which runs from April 15th until May 12th – we should be concentrating on healing, growth of knowledge, nurturing and women’s mysteries.  I aim to expand my knowledge in a certain area, so that seems appropriate right now.  I have been involved in some distance healing with someone – nothing too strenuous though – and I have been nurturing my seedlings, so far so good.  Also, my book is kind of about women’s mysteries too, so I think I am ticking all of the boxes for this month, which pleases me.

One thing I always complain about is how my real life has a tendency to get in the way of my spiritual life.  I have tried to incorporate the two, somehow it never works out.  I think because I am happy to remain in the closet the two aspects of my life remain seperate and whilst that frustrates me no end, I think it is just how it is and how it will always be.
Of course another aspect of real life that gets in the way of me practicing is duty.  I am learning that I am entitled to a life of my own, that I can and should say no at times.  I am learning that it is healthy for me to say no, especially when I am not feeling 100%.  In recent times I have had many heavy burdens to bear and they have taken their toll on me.  But last week I put my foot down and refused to be the dogsbody for everyone anymore.  I took three days out from those burdens and felt better for it.  They are still there, but other people managed without me and I have done the same again this weekend.

This doesn’t mean I have not had to talk myself out of the immense guilt that washes over me.  I am pretty adept at having to have a word with myself when it comes to releasing my grip on situations.  But it does mean I am managing my time better and doing what I want for myself, something that has been lacking recently.  I only hope I can keep this up and can manage to stay true to myself.