Vanish Oxi action stain remover.


This post first appeared on on March 1st 2013


Vanish Oxi action stain remover.
I have been trying out Vanish Oxi action stain remover as a Bzz Agent. I have tried stain removers before and thought they were ok, but I’ve never tried this product before.

I had a tomato based stain on a black t.shirt sleeve. I haven’t had that much luck getting it out, so haven’t worn the item for a couple of months. When I received the Vanish product to try I thought I would see if it could tackle my long standing stain.
I have to be honest here, I didn’t really think that much would change, after all, I had tried a few times to get rid of the stain.

But the stain vanished. I was quite amazed when I discovered that Vanish Oxi stain remover actually worked.