When the ancestors listen but you don’t realise.

I’ve never worked with my ancestors, ritually speaking. I had a problem recently that needed everything I could throw at it and someone suggested working my ancestors. But I didn’t really know how, everything just felt wrong, all of the methods I’d researched just didn’t feel right for me. I ended up throwing my arms in the air and just asking out loud for them to help. I had no way of knowing if they were listening, if they’d heard me, and so I went about life and forgot all about my petition to them.

Today I was talking to a friend about synchronicity and that was when the penny dropped. Recently I’ve had a certain song play repeatedly in my head, I’d also felt the need to listen to it quite a lot. But I’ve only just made the connection as to why today; the song is The Sound Of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel, and it always, always reminds me of my Dad.

Guess the ancestors were listening after all. 😀

A Song For Every Year I’ve Been Alive.

From the very first song I shared for 1971, the year I was born, to this song I’m sharing today, the music has ranged from one genre to another and represents my tastes.  There were some days I struggled to find a song that I’d actually liked for that year, others where I had to pick from one of many.  

I’ve enjoyed thinking about what the songs mean to me and how I’ve felt. I’ve deliberately kept them positive because I feel I’ve shared enough darkness already. Some years throughout my life I’ve really struggled with PTSD, personal difficulties, grief, and everything in between.  But I now choose to focus on the positive. No, my life isn’t all sweetness and happy days, it’s just like other people’s lives, days where I think I can’t possibly take anymore.  Days where I could happily throttle some people, days where I just want to curl up and go to sleep for a very long time.  But then I have days where I laugh so much I forget – even just for a little while – those oppressive troubles and everything feels light and fun. 

I’m showing up as the real me, not the watered down version people would prefer.  I’m 45 years old and I know who I am and am happy in my own skin.  It took me a long time to get here and everything that has happened has shaped me and made me the person I am today.

This song is not from 2016 because quite frankly I do not like a single thing that is around at the moment.  I’m not going to pretend I do just to keep my blog on theme, hell no. I just like the song, it’s that simple.