Truth be known….

……I saw a meme the other day that said something like “just because you lost me as a friend doesn’t mean you gained me as an enemy. I’m bigger than that. I still wanna see you eat, just not at my table.”

That sat with me for a while. Made me question whether I harbour any animosity towards people who I’m no longer friends with.

Yeah, there are one or two, but what’s gone is gone. They’re women, they have their wants and needs just the same as me. I wish them no ill will. I hope they’re doing great. I’m happy for whatever life blessings they’re basking in now.

I haven’t got the time to be wishing them harm, or doing anything to hurt them. We’re maybe not friends anymore, but I hope they’re happy. I’m all about women supporting other women. That’s what I’m interested in, not drawing up enemy lines and firing negative shit their way.

Happy To Be Me.

I don’t know how many times I have “watered” myself down so as not to offend people. The very same people who are disrespecting me, disregarding me, intentionally hurting me.

Getting deep with myself showed me how little I thought about my own regard. I deserve love. Respect. Kindness. Honesty. I’m not here to be a some time option. Or to be treat like something someone stood in. I’m here for me. For my purpose.

I honour my purpose. I honour me. I have no intention of allowing people to piss all over me ever again. I’m doing me. Just me. I’m not “up for the gossip”, not here to rain on anyone’s parade. I am all about supporting women, not tearing them down out of jealousy or fear.

Life is a beautiful journey. It’s all about living and honouring you. Your beautiful self. Authentically you. There’s only one of you. Honour yourself. Respect yourself. You are so worth it.

Love who you are.

If you’ve been around my blog long enough you’ll know that I have been at odds with who I am for a very long time. The event in 1987 changed me from a sassy 16 year old, who believed she could take on the world, to a broken girl who lost her self identity. It took many PTSD episodes, counselling, therapy with psychiatrists and a whole lot of heartbreak to find who I am.

I’ve shared my progress with those closest to me, they have witnessed me returning back to the self-confident woman I am once again. It’s all too easy to say that I’ve got here by this therapy technique, or that type of medication, if only it were as simple as that. I have worked hard on my issues, left behind people, places, beliefs, negative self talk, and much, much more to get to where I am now.

Being myself has always been my goal, ever since my identity was ripped away from me when I was 16. I never thought it would take so long to get here, but it’s ok, lessons learnt along the way have left me with so much life experience.

I’ve spent a few days pondering over a conundrum in regards to an old friend. The friend that lied about me and owing them money. With my self confidence finally returned I felt it was only natural to get in touch and ask why they were saying such vile things about me. It felt like something I needed to do. But with each passing day I found I just couldn’t be doing with the nuclear bomb of toxicity that would go off should I get in touch with them.

So I haven’t bothered. I’ve realised it doesn’t even matter. I know I have never borrowed money from this person. Ever. I know the truth. The people who get this tale aren’t people I’m even acquainted with, let alone friends, so what does it matter if I get to shout my truth from the rooftops? It’s not worth the time and energy that this would entail. I’d rather concentrate on myself and how much I have to look forward to.

Loving me. Loving who I am. Loving my life.

I’ve said this before, loving you is not a vain or self centred act. You love yourself first and foremost. You know about giving yourself oxygen first in a plane crash, right? Well loving you first is the same principle. You love you. You take care of you. You nurture you. You have time dedicated to self care for you. I’ve done this and more in the past, but buried deep issues prevented me from fully believing I was worthy of such love for myself. I preached this, a lot, in my business and with clients. But I didn’t truly believe I was worthy of my own self love.

People would lie to me, talk about me, try to hurt me, and I would fall into the trap of believing what smack talk they were aiming at me. I mean, surely if this was being said about me it must be right, right?

Hell no!!!

If someone has an issue with you then that’s their issue to deal with. If you’re not intentionally hurting someone, or lying, or breaking laws, then what can you really do about it? It isn’t on you to make them change their opinion. You just need to carry on shining brightly and showing up for yourself, and for the people who you want to have in your life.

Being uniquely you is a tremendous gift and absolute pleasure. Each day you live your life attuned with your own vibration, enjoying life, feeling grateful, being mindful of how you conduct yourself. This is what your true purpose is, being uniquely you. The rest that follows is the beautiful thing called life. Whatever you do with your time, if it makes you happy, then that is what matters.

When I was trying to feel me I spent so much time searching for my life purpose. I tried my hand at this and that, never fully feeling at one with what I was doing. I was exhausted. Unhappy. Unfulfilled. The negative self talk was running rife through my mind, causing me no end of problems, having me fall victim to negative suggestions about myself.

And then I realised how unique we all are. My gifts are mine. My perception is mine. Your gifts and perception are yours. What we each do with those gifts will help to shape us throughout our lives. Forever learning, continually growing. This is life. This is our purpose.

Healing from trauma.

Trauma hits on all levels. It’s complex, yet simple. We store traumatic memories within our body, so even when we heal our minds the trauma lives on inside of us.

This is the beginning of my journey down this path. I can see how I’ve been affected for many years and now I want to work with removing trauma from my body.

New chapter.

It was my birthday recently and for the first time since I was 16 I felt amazing. The day was quiet. I spent it doing normal day to day stuff, then went out for afternoon tea with my husband.

Happiness. Simple pleasures.

I began 2022 with the intention of healing. That was my theme of the year. I wouldn’t say I’m healed completely, but so much darkness has lifted from me. So much clarity.

Moving forward knowing that I’m recovering.

Be You.

We talk a lot about being authentic, showing up as our authentic selves. Doing the work on our own inner garden, inner selves, will allow us to be just us. No pretence. No mask for the world to see, just our own brilliant selves.

It’s actually harder than you might think, to be 100% authentically ourselves. There are many faces we present to the outside world, masks that protect us from scorn, ridicule, fear, judgment. We are often afraid to be ourselves.

Showing up just as you are can present many challenges, but the rewards are plentiful. There’s no need to pretend to be someone you’re not. There’s no need to lie about anything, being yourself requires no falsehood.

You may lose people along the way. That is a price worth paying, I believe anyway. If people can’t be around you when you’re being yourself then you have to ask what part of your truth offends or triggers them?

Being yourself doesn’t mean shouting and hurling abuse. Being yourself means letting go of anger. Being yourself means living your truth. You’re not hurting anyone, so any offence others feel is their issue to deal with, not yours.

Be you. Love you. ❤️

Pause for thought.

Author: Les Brown

Shut down the drama in your life. It is unhealthy. Arguing and fighting creates dis-ease. Stay away from negative, selfish, energy-draining relationships that do not honor you, or even worse -use you, abuse you, and take advantage of your kindness. Do not buy into their negativity or guilt trips. Resolve to live in peace. Do not attempt to change others. There is enough work to do on yourself. Develop relationships where all parties can grow, and create an atmosphere of mutual respect, love, and appreciation. Free yourself from inner chaos by meditation, relaxation, and stillness. What you create inside of yourself will manifest outside yourself. Create a sanctuary where you can live in peace, relax your mind, revive your spirit, and renew your purpose. You have GREATNESS within you!!