Positivity Advent Calendar. Day 19.

All of this positivity is great, but it’s absolutely meaningless unless we make ourselves a priority. The advice we are given when we are about to fly anywhere, the piece of advice that tells us to put our own oxygen mask on first, that is a very simple, but powerful piece of advice. It’s telling us to take care of ourselves first, because if we don’t, we won’t be any use to anyone else. But by taking care of ourselves first and foremost, we ensure we are giving from a full cup.


Positivity Advent Calendar. Day 18.

I think this quote speaks for itself. It’s most certainly a valuable tool on your self love journey and something really very simple. Inner beauty shines outwards, making you a beautiful person both inside and out, always remember that.

Positivity Advent Calendar. Day 16.

Why be in competition with your colleagues? Why be in competition with your friends? Why be in competition with anyone when being yourself is the best compliment you can pay yourself. Being the best version of yourself means you focus more on improving your own life and less on competing with your peers.

Positivity Advent Calendar. Day 15.

As the quote suggests, positive thinking isn’t all peace and harmony and being all happy, clappy all of the time. Positive thinking is all about accepting that you cannot change everything, it’s about being happy with your thoughts because you’re not destroying your emotional well-being with negative thinking that is detrimental to your health as a whole. Makes sense.

Positivity Advent Calendar. Day 14.

As we head towards the new year we often start thinking about how we could have done things differently. This process often makes us very critical of ourselves, which really is detrimental to our emotional well-being. What you can do right now is implement the five steps above, that way you can start the new year with a more positive mindset.

Positivity Advent Calendar. Day 13.

The recurring theme that we hear about time and again once normality resumes after the holidays is how things didn’t go according to plan. In that case we should just go with the flow, we will be happier in the long run if we just let go and stop trying to micromanage every last detail.

Positivity Advent Calendar. Day 10.

A reminder that we don’t have to strive for perfection before we enjoy what life has to offer. This is the time of year where we feel under pressure to have everything perfect; the perfect tree, the perfect gifts, the perfect outfit, the perfect food and drink, the perfect family…… What we fail to realise is that our idea of perfection is not the same as anyone else’s, therefore we are never going to please everyone. So why bother tying yourself up in knots striving for a perceived perfection that will fall way short of what you desire?

Be yourself. Be real. Be happy. The rest will fall into place.