Samhain Blessings.

This year I am having a very quiet and reflective Samhain. Going through some issues has made me realise I need help and so I’m doing just that.

It feels very symbolic, today, for me, is all about letting go of that which no longer serves me and by making plans to get the help I need I am letting go of the pain that I’m currently rooted in.

So, from my hearth to yours, I wish you all a very Blessed Samhain.

Surviving: A Message To My Attacker.

Victims of trauma very often have paralysing flashbacks and have to cope with PTSD.

I’ve been fighting my latest struggle since August 1st. I’m so much better than I was, but his smirking face has haunted me daily since the latest episode.

Recently Elton John’s I’m Still Standing has resonated with my trauma and recovery and it feels very much like an anthem for me right now.

A lesson I needed to learn.

Sometimes life will trip you up and you’ll feel all the feels. Sometimes people will lie about you and convince others that their story is the truth.

Words used in such a way to wound and hurt, to destroy. False stories created to cover the truth.

But I’m not responsible for these lies told about me. I’m responsible for me and my behaviour.

I try as hard as I can to be honourable and decent. Often I will fall short. What I will never do is lie about a person just to be popular.

Sometimes the breaking away feels like you’ve cut a limb off, but the lies that were festering in the undercurrent made it impossible.

I am responsible for my words and actions.