Soothing Sunday.

Card drawn from The Sacred Self-Care Oracle.

Baths aren’t just for washing our bodies, they can be used for time out for ourselves. If it is safe for you to do so you could light candles, incense sticks, and play relaxing music.

Use this time to wash away things that no longer serve you, don’t just “see” these unwanted thoughts, situations, experiences, and so on, wash away from you as you wash yourself. Feel the unwanted feelings, etc, leave you.

Spend as much time as you need to immersed in the water. Imagine that the water is restoring you physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Once you feel ready, dry yourself down and then pamper yourself with moisturiser and your favourite perfume. Treating yourself to an immersive, relaxing experience such as this allows us to put our own needs first and care for ourselves.

Monday Mooncards.

Card drawn from Moonology Oracle Cards by Yasmin Boland.

This card is all about emotions running high – and we also have a full moon today (Full Barley Moon in Aquarius) – this moon phase always brings high tension and emotions.

This card indicates that a situation in your life is either coming to a peak, or has just peaked. It’s all about super charged emotions, so if there’s something going on in your life and it’s just reached another level, well, now you know why.

This card can also be indicative of a battle of wills between you and someone else. The outcome isn’t final yet, but what you should do is ask yourself if you’ve handled this situation in a way that you can be proud of. Take a moment to check your own part in this situation and make sure you aren’t being too argumentative or aggressive in the way you are handling things.

Being assertive can be a good thing, but we should never ride roughshod over other people. A good idea right now to gain clarity and take some of the heat out of the situation is to meditate and see what you can do to move forward.

Self Care Sunday.

Card from The Sacred Self-Care Oracle.

Aromatherapy is a powerful tool to connect with plants, flowers, herbs, and the environment around you.

With all that is going on around us right now it’s been really difficult for many of us to relax. This card is a sure sign that relaxation is what is needed now.

Going for a walk in nature is a wonderful way for us to engage our senses. What scents can you smell? What feelings do these smells evoke?

Aromatherapy is a wonderful tool to use to calm our nerves. Find your favourite scent, if you haven’t already, and anoint yourself with it. A pleasant and relaxing smell will certainly help to bring anxiety levels down.

Review of 365 Blessings To Heal Myself And The World.

As the title implies, 365 blessings. One for every day of the year. From my point of view this is a great book to help with a positive mindset. The idea being you read one of the blessings each day and it sets you up to embrace the positive vibe it’s created.

There are blessings for everything and everyone. From blessing your neighbour, to the nurses and the journalists. A blessing for a new home, to a blessing for food. From a blessing to have the courage to follow your own path, to a blessing on giving up the desire to control.

At first I felt it may become a little too God centred, but as I read on I realised the blessings encompass any faith, even those termed new age. This book is definitely one you can dip in and out of time and time again. In an age where positive thinking is at the forefront of the minds of many people this book is a must have.

Definitely recommended.

The Inner Goddess Revolution by Lyn Thurman.

I was approached to review this book by the lovely Lyn Thurman and having worked with Lyn for a little while was only too glad to review her book.

The Inner Goddess Revolution: A practical and Spiritual guide for women who want more from life will be available in paperback from March 27th.  I love Lyn’s writing style, I always feel like I am listening to a good friend, she comes across as warm and enthusiastic about everything she does.  Lyn is passionate about helping other women unlock their true potential and once you pick up your copy of this book you soon get caught up in Lyn’s enthusiasm and this makes reading the book an absolute joy.

The book is full of ideas and suggestions on how to unlock the Goddess within you.  There aren’t really many rules or complicated rituals to follow so the reader can easily begin to unlock her true potential immediately.  Throughout the book Lyn shares with us plenty of personal experiences that lead her to unlock her own inner goddess, changing her from the unhappy person she was to the vibrantly, warm, loving woman we see today.

The tips and suggestions in this book really are so easy to follow, you really do not feel like you have to make too much of an effort to let the real you shine through.  This book is such a joy to read –  I have read plenty of self-help books and quite often I feel like I am being preached at, with Lyn’s easygoing style this certainly is not the case here.

Let Lyn guide you on a journey of self discovery.  The book is packed with plenty of personal anecdotes and information on Goddesses who we can all turn to for inspiration and support whenever we need to.  Lyn has included plenty of facts about Goddesses and plenty of practical tips for you to try.  Lyn tells us that the Inner Goddess may just be our intuition speaking but that is our real, authentic self communicating with us, which is fantastic once you begin to take note of what your true self is trying to say to you and where she is trying to guide you.

What I really loved about Lyn’s book is that it really isn’t pretentious at all.  You really feel as though you are listening to a friend speaking, guiding you to listen to your inner self.  Lyn cares about helping other women unlock their true potential and this is evident in her writing.  You really feel that she wants to help you succeed and that passion for helping others shines through in this book.

The book is big on helping the self, unlike some books from this genre Lyn encourages you to actually take care of yourself and not to feel ashamed or guilty about helping yourself.  Helping yourself to realise your full potential is not a selfish act but rather an act of self-love; as Lyn says, “if you don’t feel the need to save the world, that’s OK, saving your world is just as noble a cause and can benefit the world in the long run.”

I highly recommend that you go out and buy this book, pre-order it NOW, it really is worth the money.  I will be buying my own copy   – I have actually pre-ordered it!  This is one book you will want to keep for yourself and can easily dip back into it time and again on your quest for realising your true potential.

Go out and pre-order it NOW, you won’t be disappointed.