Tuesday Tarot – 26/01/21 – looking ahead.

This regal lady is telling us to be brave and confident. She tells us to stop worrying about what people will think and to be our unapologetic authentic selves.

Be strong. Be bold. Be confident. Let your creative mind guide you. Unleash your creativity.

That doesn’t just mean writing, painting, crocheting, etc. It could simply mean you create a new reality for yourself.

Whatever you feel called to do over the coming weeks, know that the Queen of Wands is encouraging you to go boldly forward.

Tuesday Tarot – 25/08/20

Keywords :- Nurturing, practical, providing financially, a working parent.

This card represents a mother figure, someone who is nurturing and caring.

If this card resonates with you – both female and male readers – the message is suggesting you need to strike a balance between your home life and your working life.

Is your home-work life balance not as you’d like it to be? This card suggests that you need to rectify that and maintain a more nurturing lifestyle.

The suggestion is also for us to take care of ourselves, financially, physically, emotionally. Striking the right balance is what is required right now.

There is also an element suggesting that you could secure that pay rise you’ve been hoping for. The time is right for this, so maybe approaching your boss isn’t a bad idea after all?

Tarot Tuesday – 18/08/20

What a lovely card for today.

As the keywords suggest, celebrations and bright blessings are on the cards. This card is highly indicative of friendships, sisterhood, joyous relationships.

This card is encouraging the coming together of friends and celebrating, having fun, sharing stories and troubles, putting the world to rights.

There is also the other side to this card, not a darker element as the card isn’t reversed, but more of a working nature. The suggestion is that if you’ve been pondering reaching out to others to collaborate on projects, whether they be of a work nature or on a personal level, this is a positive sign and time to do so.

All in all this is a very happy and bright card to have and we all could use some positivity right now.

Tarot Tuesday – 11/08/20

The Queen of Wands is telling us to be sure of our courage and confidence. She is reminding us that we are determined beings when it comes to achieving our aims.

She reminds us that we know exactly how to use our strengths and weaknesses and encourages us to do just this to achieve our goals.

Be bold in any undertakings, she tells us, don’t be afraid to own your power and put it out into the world. Believe in yourself and do not be afraid to speak your truth.

Tarot Tuesday.

Card drawn from The Labyrinth Tarot.

Keywords: Giving, receiving, sharing wealth, generosity, charity.

This card indicates abundance, whether you’re giving it or receiving it. Abundance comes in many forms, not just financial abundance. What this card is telling us is that abundance is showing up in our lives.

If you’re on the receiving end of abundance then enjoy whatever bounty the universe is gifting you. If you’re the one being generous then this is a sure sign you are doing the right thing.