Throwback Thursday- 22/10/20

When my husband I were first together we watched the film Dirty Dancing all of the time. This song is still a favourite.

Thought For Thursday- 20/08/20

This week I feel like I’ve overcome a lot. I saw this pic on Pinterest when I was actually looking for something else. It really resonated with me and I think it’s a really good piece of advice.

Each Throwback Thursday, remind yourself how far you’ve come on this journey. The struggles you’ve overcome.

And breathe. You’ve got this.



Music is important to all of us, in some way or another.  Whether we listen to pop music, rock music, classical, hip-hop, reggae, indie, electronic, dance, whatever, music is important to us whatever our taste.

My own taste is very eclectic; one day I will listen to nothing other than U2, whereas the next I am singing along to the Spice Girls.  I used to share songs on a former blog – I can’t recall why I closed that blog down- I found it was an excellent way to explore the music I really love listening to and to share what a particular song actually means to me.  I aim to re-introduce that to my blog, so be ready to be inundated with cheesy songs.

Starting this journey off is a song that I have shared on this blog before.  The song is from 1982 – I was 11 – and it is by the Australian band Men At Work.  The reason I love this song so much is because it cheers me up.  It reminds me of a simpler time in my life, I was still in primary school, life was good and I was protected from the harsh realities of life by my parents and Aunty, whom I was always with.  It’s such a fun song and my song of choice whenever I feel down, it never fails to cheer me up.




Watch Me Bleed 

Watch Me Bleed Lyrics – Tears for Fears

Tears for Fears Watch Me Bleed Lyrics

Heaven comes to he who waits

But I know I’m getting nowhere

And all the deeds of yesterday

Have really helped to pave my way

Though there’s no one near me now

How come everyone can touch me

You see the torture on my brow

Relates to neither here nor now

Watch me bleed

Bleed forever

Although my face is straight, it lies

My body feels the Pain and cries

Here the table is not bare

I am full but feeling empty

For all the warmth it feels so cold

For one so young I feel so old

Watch me bleed

Bleed forever

It’s not allowed to be unkind

But still the hate lives in my mind

I’ll make no noise

I’ll hide my pain

I’ll close my eyes

I won’t complain

I’ll lie right back and take the blame

And trie to tell myself I’m living

And when it’s all been said or done

Where do I go ?

Where do I run ?

What’s left of me or anyone when we’ve denied the hurting ?
Tears for Fears Lyrics

(All lyrics above are the property of R. Orzabal)